Visual artist, writer, and performer Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro works, on multidimensional levels, with an array of artistic expressions and manifestations, such as sculpture, video, photography, performance, choreography, costume styling, installation, scent, audio, and text. By existing symbiotically, these varied artistic languages converse with one another and are often consolidated in conceptualisations that manifest through spatial stagings and narratives that surrounds, contextualises, and interconnect physical, conceptual, and ephemeral elements with each other.

An aspiration in Östebros’ artistic practice is to create spaces, spheres, and situations that encourage its audience to surrender before the temporality of the moment. This invitation derives, in particular, from the artists’ devotion to, and elaborations on the contrasting and multifaceted topic of presence. By combining a variety of sense stimulating manifestations with a possible activation through the medium of live based expressions - implicated by  the performers’ presence awareness and presence control, Östebro is balancing between vulnerability and authority and places the spectating body in some sort of shared spotlight - emphasising the relation between a human subject and its surroundings.

Traces of issues relating to identity construction, social power relations, and utopian discourses are far from seldom to be disclosed and discerned in Östebros’ work. The practically theoretical implementation and (con)figuration, which is genuinely polyphonic in voice and vision, emerges from an empathetic, yet rebellious gaze - and is seductively transgressing borders, while moving fluidly between contexts and niches, such as, visual art, performance art, and performing arts, and has, in essence, an interdisciplinary approach in its core.

Repeatedly characterised by abstracted strategies originating from drag, the works of Östebro frequently exhibit a grave, but playful attitude to the notion of the real, which typically is enhanced by merging elements of fiction and documentary in narrations and situations. Recurring is the emotionally influenced idea and motif of the stage as a physical residence and spiritual hideaway - where the stage has been and remains as a prospect for something else; a remedy, a splinter, a rift where additional fantasies have the opportunity to arise and persist.

Rasmus Raphaëlle is educated at Konstfack - University College of Arts Crafts and Design (SE), Bergen Academy of Art and Design (NO), Stockholm University of the Arts/DOCH (SE), Gothenburg School of Art (SE), and The Swedish National Ballet School (SE).