The photographic diptych 24K oblique seduction IN-YOUR-FACE (2020) features carefully selected extracts of a rhinestone and candy bedazzled body. While no actual eyes or human face are present in the images, the viewers are addressed with an aggressively zany, obscurely sensual, and sharply unarmed gaze. The imagery presented in the work gravitates towards the borderline between commercialistic abstraction and imaginative punky barbie poetry - as it parodies a commercial language in combination with the skewed contradiction in the motif as a discrepancy. 

Among other things, the images hint towards recognisable human shapes and reflections, while strongly suggesting that something beyond human identity, or simply its beauty-disguised normative freakiness in portraiture of a DIVA is to be discussed in the outskirts of the work. In some way, this loud whisper is an invitation towards a discussion on how the continued homage of, and contempt for femininity by the heteropatriarchal order, as well as the insistence of the queer hegemony on privileging visible deviations, requires political fictions for survival - or rather transtemporal spheres in which futures can be lived. For, one of the many true meanings of the concept of the DIVA is pure power and endless possibilities of forthcoming vivacious definitions superior to human evolution.

The work aspires for a place where there’s room for both business and pleasure, both politics and parody, both joy and sorrow. It invites us to an un-bound sphere where definitions are to be endless, it propounds a place beyond time and space and intends to birth a subtle glimpse of disruption of the interpretation on the human experience as we once knew it.

Parts of this text are influenced by passages in Ulrika Dahl's text Kopior utan original: Om femme drag, published in Skamgrepp. Femme-inistiska essäer, Leopard förlag, 2014.

Each print measures 110 x 83 cm, mounted on a 4 mm Dibond.

Photo: Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro