Femme Desires (2018) invites spectators into a realm where the ultra-feminine reigns. Ruthless but deliberate, earnest but playful, this installation-, scent- and video-based work presents a femme sphere with acerbic wit. Drawing from ASMR-culture, the work delves into issues of affections, desires, and power relations in connection to identity construction and gender performativity.

The work focuses on the utopian in exploration of power and embodiment; It presents a world built on a feminine vocabulary, where femininity is destined to exist for and be revelled by itself. Femme Desires is an alternative place where drag is used as a strategy for liberation - an interplay between protection and vulnerability, between room for manoeuvre and marginalisation. The work creates a space where the potential lies in the imagination and its discursive possibilities.

Photo: Lena Bergendahl