The video work Moder Norrland (2011) interprets and embodies the idea of the first Akka, ancestress and mother goddess, Máttaráhkká - mother of life and of the tribe, goddess of women and children - the godess who gives humans their bodies. In the work, the idea of Máttaráhkká functions as a symbol of belongingness to a divine and ever present feminine force, as a symbol with likeness to Mother Earth and Pachamama, as well as the mourning but caring national personification, Mother Russia.
The backdrop for the performance is a snapshot taken at the top of the fell Dundret (Váhtjerduottar in Lulesamiska), located in Gällivare, Lappland - the birthplace of the artist. The image is projected onto a large screen while the performer is placed mainly between the projector and the screen, appearing as a silhouette to the spectators. One can approach the work as a staged revisitation, a prayer for the essence of home - a coming back to the core of existence.

The sound is based on two original soungs by Patrick Wolf - Finale and Epilogue.

Photo: Lovisa Boucher