The performance Queen. I’m queen. Most freaky queen you’ve ever seen. (2015) elucidates social power relations and investigates the shifting of power that appears between a performer and its spectator in different performative situations. The performance uses the stage/the idea of the stage/the dance studio to place the performing body within a choreographic context. The work aspires to embody and interpret a ’freaky’ theory stated by Renate Lorenz.* This embodiment is exemplified through an identity that is not yet stable, and wishes not to be - an identity that tends to be understood as deviant - an identity that shows fragility with very sharp edges.

”[A] ’freaky’ theory does not stand outside social power relations. It produces inventions and images that offer alternatives to social power relations that are more than and different from a critique or subversion of social norms.”...”[A] freaky theory and art will upset the relations between author, reader, and object, or at the very least destabilize it.”

- Lorenz, Renate, Queer Art: A Freak Theory, Transcript, 2012, p. 8...p. 24

Queen. I'm queen. Most freaky queen you've ever seen. is approximately 30 minutes long and was originally presented at Stockholm University of the Arts (DOCH), while fragments from the work reappeared during SUNDAY RUN_UP by ccap and Picnic Electronic by Unfinished Business.

Photo (GIF): Johan Lundin