Within a memory, where does one place the dividing line between myth and reality? Or are memories perhaps spaces and spheres where these two worlds begin to merge and enable us to formulate strategies towards something beyond bearable futures?

The video work Recollection of past, present and futures (2019) uses the irregularly narrative structure of a dream, while the visual language is based on associations, repetitions and rhythm - and leads the spectators into a swirling choreography through a slightly sentimental archive. The constantly revised memory's changeability and the variations of truths that coexist there are used as a starting point to reconstruct versions of fragmentary memory images from a Norrbottnian upbringing, strongly influenced by uncompromisable otherness, communion in extradition, and the stage as a physical residence and mental hideaway - where the stage has been and remains as a prospect for something else, a remedy, a splinter, a rift where something else has the opportunity to arise and persist.

The video was created in correlation to Östebro's mission as an artistic mentor in the project Myths and realities - A lesbian odyssey and has been exhibited at Örnsköldsvik's museum and art gallery, Nordmalings bibliotek, Norrbottens museum, and Kramfors konsthall.